Detailing Level 2

This service is for moderately soiled interiors that haven’t
been detailed or maintained in roughly one year.


Moderately soiled center consoles and door panels will be cleaned and dressed. Seats and carpets with light staining will be spot cleaned with the proper chemicals and steam cleaning and hot water extraction are introduced.
The exterior is upgraded over the Level 1 service focusing on paint decon and added protection.
Paint decon is the term given to removing particles still stuck to the paint and glass after washing a vehicle. These decontaminates leave the surface feeling rough and are often even visible. Chemical and mechanical decontamination of the paintwork and glass is achieved by using tar removers and finishing off with the clay bar.

 Small Car $170.   Large Car $175.   Small SUV $180.
Medium SUV/Truck $185.   Large SUV/Truck/Van $190.

Approximately 5-7hrs


  • Interior Vacuuming of Seats & Carpet
  • Agitation of Carpet Fibers via Pneumatic Machine
  • Floor Mat Shampooing & Hot Water Extraction
  • Dash & Door Panels Steam Cleaned & Dressed
  • Steering Wheel Degreased
  • Center Console Detailed
  • Seat & Carpet Light Stain Removal
  • Seat & Carpet
    Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Hot Water Extraction
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Wiped Down


  • Face & Drums of Wheels Cleaned
  • Wheel Wells Detailed & Dressed
  • Rinseless Wash
  • Bug Removal
  • Door Jambs, Emblems, & Intricate Areas
  • Clay Bar
  • Dried via Forced Air & Quality Microfibers
  • Water-Based Tire Dressing
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Window Sealant Applied
  • AIO Sealant (All-In-One) applied via Dual Action Polisher

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